It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll is the name of a song by AC/DC and that can perfectly describe  Grow uP Gaming's way through the FraggedNation AAPG EU 5v5 Comic Cup! Loosing to  PLAYHARD esports to beat them later. Let's check out their way to the top!

A week ago, Daley from FraggedNation.com spoke with two representatives of the AAPG development team: environment artist Nick Kropat and level designer David Knox. The 30 minute interview covers most of the features we'll see in the upcoming patch. Since America's Army didn't go to the E3 expo, we can consider this interview as a kind of substitute. What can we expect from RFI-3, the third major update for AAPG?

FraggedNation once again reveals some cool stuff from the upcoming RFI-3 patch: screenshots of the new maps and the new Role Selection screen! You can see Role Selection on Cold Front, one of the two maps coming out with this release. Each team will be limited to 12 riflemen (870MCS, M16, or M4 with low-power sights), 2 automatic riflemen (M249), 2 designated marksmen (M16 with ACOG) and 2 snipers (the M24 - a new weapon in this patch)! We also get a preview of the improved US Soldier uniform design on Slums, the other new map!

[UPDATED] More results from the EU side. Update about the tournament structure from the TWL admins.

After the first match here are some of the results and some of the upcoming matches. For interested readers, this tournament held by the TeamWarfare League admin team, was set up to try out new maps - in fact maps that were purely made by the community. This means that it will range over 6 evenings of testing and fighting on uncommon ground. The tournament has not a lot of teams joined up, 7 for North America and 8 for Europe. Hopefully after the new patch a new league will start, and we get to maybe try out some of the User Made Maps.

As of recently a lot of teams have changed, with players shifting sides and teams growing or altogether quitting. This has for the sharp observer not gone unseen, but for the lesser wary AAPG member might have been a bit of a confusing event. I will try to give you a quick overview of what has changed, and where players have shifted to. And maybe this will give a better overview. I will of course miss some of the more subtle changes and therefor apologize accordingly.